Loving An Addict

Someone, somewhere once stated,” you must endure the lows in order to appreciate the highs.”

The connection between an addict and their co-dependent is all consuming. If allowed to run wild can become extremely destructive. In some ways as a co-dependent we are addicted to our addicts. They control our moods and behaviors. For me I called it love. Love was a veil I wore so nobody could see the pieces of me falling apart.
I was so young.
I believed,”love will get us through.”
I thought the hard stuff was behind us.
I was so naive.
Never knowing you would break my heart.
Never knowing I could break yours.
Never knowing heartbreak would save us.
Today, I am stronger.
Today, I proclaim my love for you knowing full well how much it could destroy me.
Today, I have achieved an understanding of addiction.
For my beloved,
On this day seven years ago we vowed our love,
In sickness and health,
For richer or poorer,
I will never love another the way I love you.
Forever Yours,
L.K. Brown


About L.K. Brown

I like reading, sports & the outdoors. My hobbies are the theatre, DIY projects & writing. I've been with my husband for nine years supporting his recovery from drug addition through the good times & bad. It is still a daily process. Follow me on Pinterest L.K. Brown
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