Co-Dependent? Really? Me?

I heard the term,”co-dependent,” for the first time in college. I had to take these therapy classes as a punishment for throwing a raging keg’er in my dorm suite. The councilor gave me a book entitled something like,”Co-Dependent No More.” Aware I had no intention of opening the book she took the sessions as an opportunity to explain it. Yuck! It was like taking another class.
Slowly I started to see the pattern we were discussing emerge in a good friendship I had at the time.
We had never experienced a single romantic moment. He & I had been friends since Jr. High & here we were in college together.
The first time I thought I might be,”Co-dependent,”of him was when I scolded him for taking my laundry quarters. He would reply,”Come on Kid you can get change at the mat. Anyway, you’ll really like what I’m picking up.” The thing was, I rarely saw what he was picking up.
I would give him anything; food, money, anything. He was one of me closest friends. Consequently, he would always praise me for being the best friend ever. We would have the most fun hanging out and listening to music. I just gave him anything without question, I mean it was Bradley.
So we continued to be friends for years. I developed more co-dependent relationships based on the closeness Bradley & I held. My dependency was never his fault, he was just being,”Bradley.” And I was just being,”Me.”
By the time I met my husband I had trained myself to be an addict’s,”Dream Wife.”
L.K. Brown


About L.K. Brown

I like reading, sports & the outdoors. My hobbies are the theatre, DIY projects & writing. I've been with my husband for nine years supporting his recovery from drug addition through the good times & bad. It is still a daily process. Follow me on Pinterest L.K. Brown
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