Coffee Spots

A principle philosophy of supporting addicts in recovery is to only judge yourself and the actions you choose. While we love our addicts we cannot control their choices. Passing judgment on their decisions can quickly become a resentment towards them.

Aside from my addict one of my most beloved objects of affection is coffee. My love for coffee started at a young age on a visit to London. The food was terrible. So I stuck to liquids. Coffee or beer? I chose coffee. I’ve always preferred uppers to downers, you can get more done with them.

Everyone judges, it’s in our nature. I choose to judge coffee. I judge every coffee spot I walk into. My order is a large house drip. I wait for it to cool, sip & judge.

In a way we are all just tall black coffees waiting to cool so someone else can drink from us & judge. They may add a bit of personal essence. Blending together we make a fantastic flavor.

Maybe it’s not judging the coffee spots & their house drips I find appealing? Maybe it’s the ritual? Finding a coffee spot, ordering a cup while appreciating the city walk by.L.K. Brown


About L.K. Brown

I like reading, sports & the outdoors. My hobbies are the theatre, DIY projects & writing. I've been with my husband for nine years supporting his recovery from drug addition through the good times & bad. It is still a daily process. Follow me on Pinterest L.K. Brown
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